Born in the Midwest, raised in the South, and at home just about anywhere, Jamie is the heart behind Fancy.

With over 8 years in the wedding and event industry, she knows the value of a beautiful linen, a dimmer on a chandelier, and a glass of wine with a client when what they need from their planner, is just a friend. Not afraid to go the extra mile and get her hands dirty, there is not much Jamie won’t do to insure an incredible day for her clients.


On a constant quest for the perfect red lipstick, laugh until you cry moment, and red wine that won’t stain her teeth, Jamie’s natural planner tendencies, agreeably silly demeanor, love of logistics, and heart for service, design, and composition make her a force to be reckoned while creating and producing events.


When she’s not planning the event of your dreams, she’s doing the things that

feed her soul. Traveling or online shopping. That’s pretty much it.

Favorite City: Dublin 


Favorite Habit: A specific beverage for every occasion. A giant glass of fresh celery juice to start my day every morning. Popping Vueve Cliquot at every celebration. An ice cold Coca – Cola after a successful wedding.  


Finest Indulgence: Designer Handbags. I can’t stop and I won’t stop.  

Constantly: Laughing until I Cry. Gah, my fave.  


Not-so-secret Talent: Knowing the words to every song on every radio station. In my next life I’m going to be a music supervisor for movies and TV shows.  


Also, I put together a mean charcuterie board. All of the prosciutto! 

Totally Into: Old Movies. “Gaslight” & “Meet Me in St. Louis” are typically at the top of my list, but I don’t discriminate against the golden age of film.  

Dream wedding date: I probably should say the husband, but this is a dream, so… The Fab Five from Queer Eye- Karamo, Antoni, Tan, Bobby, and Jonathan.  


Happy Place(s): An oversized bathtub : a dance floor when a confetti canon goes off : my bed with clean, cold sheets and no alarm clock set.  


Current Favorite Red Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics – Feels So Grand 


Ongoing Obsession: Weather below 70 degrees.

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